Owner Bio

Personal Statement

FIRST, I stand up for what I believe and can be a powerful advocate for change. Bravery requires me to be authentic and vulnerable. I express my true thoughts and opinions in a way that is honest, direct and respectful.

SECOND, I love learning. It is how I grow and the process never ends. I engage in critical thinking and questioning the status quo.

THIRD, I believe in helping others, which allows me to see the world from distinct perspectives. Each person is unique and my work in understanding and empathizing with others is one of my strengths.

FOURTH, I love to set the example of servant-leadership and show that I am here to help. My style is to break down barriers and connect with an individual's strengths. I listen intently and earn the trust of others. 


I spent 20 years in IT, mostly as a project manager.  I decided to change careers midway through my career journey.  I have experience with career changes, resume writing, career assessments, handling career stress, helping individuals reach their career potential and helping people make the best of their current job. I am a Certified Career Services Specialist through the Nation Career Development Association (NCDA). I have made a major career change and could not be happier to be working as a career consultant.