Career Coaching Services


Services designed around you

Career coaching can encompass a variety of services.  Every client receives a plan tailored to the goals.  The following is a list of some possible topics to be discussed during coaching sessions. Visit the home page to schedule an appointment.

Example Services

· Identify client needs, strengths and barriers

· Focus coaching on the client’s goals and create measurable objectives

· Mock interviews and interview coaching

· Provide information about the current and predicted future state of the labor market

· Salary increases

· Use career assessments to understand values, traits, personality, and goals

· Adapt to the needs of various cultural groups

· Teach employability skills and assist clients in finding appropriate and meaningful work

· Discuss how to achieve work\life balance

· Education about networking and the importance of building a professional network

· Conduct business and executive coaching

· Appropriately utilize evidence-based career development theories

· Help with starting a new business

· Make referrals when necessary

· Coach negotiation skills

· Create an individualized action plan and adjust as necessary

· Assist in helping clients understand how to use technology in the job search process

· Develop helping relationships through empathic listening

· Assist with resume development with chronological and/or functional resumes

· Create resumes from scratch or fine-tune existing resumes or CVs

· Create or modify LinkedIn profiles to make them stand out

· Provide counsel on how to use social media and job boards in a job search

· Assistance with cover letter creation and editing

· Utilize learning styles appropriate to the client

· Develop a powerful personal statement

· Assist with the college application process college success strategies and choosing a major

· Meet in Columbus or Worthington, online, or by phone